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Email Problems?

You may be experiencing delays in receiving your password reset emails, or worse, not receiving them at all. Here are a few steps to help you to help yourself and if all else fails how you can contact us to get you access back on track.

SPAM folders

First things first, some email providers have very high anti-spam settings and emails can often be filtered into a Junk or Spam folder. You may find your missing password or account verification email hiding in there.

Email speeds

As soon as you registered or requested a password reset the email leaves our servers and heads out over the internet towards your email inbox. How long that email takes to reach you depends on many factors, not least of all is how often your provider refreshed your inbox. If you are at work your emails may only be refreshed every 15 minutes so you may need some patience.

First Steps doesn’t even recognise your email?

If you got the message ‘Sorry, we couldn't find that email. Please try again.’ When trying to request a password reset, then in your rush to register you miskeyed your email address. It happens. All of your progress is still stored but you will need to contact us to correct your email address.

No emails

Some email providers run very stringent email filtering which may decide to block you receiving your verification or password reset emails at all. This can happen in corporate settings where the levels of spam have been so high that their email filtering is very high. It can also happen with providers of free email services like Hotmail, Live, MSN, Outlook or Yahoo. In these cases just contact us on the email below and we’ll assist you.

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